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Composite Dental Fillings

Composite Dental Fillings

Composite dental fillings, also referred to as white fillings, are designed to blend in with the natural shade of your teeth.  Unlike metal fillings, you probably won’t even notice the difference between a tooth that has been filled with a composite filling and a natural tooth.

What is the Purpose of a Filling?

A filling is necessary when a portion of the tooth is decayed or has become damaged.  If the dentist determines that a filling is necessary, the damaged area will be removed and replaced with a composite restoration.  Once in place, the restoration will protect the tooth from bacteria, sensitivity and further loss of enamel.

What is our Practice’s Approach to Preventive Dentistry?

We recommend that patients visit the office every six months so that the dentist can detect any problem areas as soon as possible.  Fillings can often be avoided if bacteria or decay is detected early.

What’s the Difference Between Composite Fillings and Metal Fillings?

Dental composite fillings not only differ in color from amalgam (metal) fillings, but they are also much safer.  Amalgam fillings contain mercury and could be toxic if they were to leak.  But rest assured, our practice performs composite and porcelain dental work to protect the health of our patients.