Protecting Your Teeth so You Can Go Out and Play

Use custom-fitted mouth guards when you play sports. A mouth guard, custom-fitted by your dentist, can help significantly reduce the risk of dental injuries. Sport, leisure and recreation activities are the most common cause of dental injuries.

Is it right for you

Custom-fitted mouth guards are especially designed by the dentist to fit the individual mouth. They provide the best protection due to their close fit, comfort and cushioning (shock absorption) effect.

What is involved?

A custom-fitted mouth guard is made by a dentist using an impression taken of your teeth and a plaster model. Custom fitting allows the dentist to accurately assess your mouth and provide the best fit, size coverage and thickness in a mouth guard especially for you. The dentist can also make an assessment of any risk factors you might have and recommend the best type of mouth guard appropriate for your sport.

How do you correctly care for your mouth guard?

Recommendations include:

What are general safety tips for mouth guards?

You will be guided by your dentist but general suggestions include: